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Ongoing Education

Katkin has expanded course offerings to help keep your team’s skills sharp between certification requirements. Ensure your team’s knowledge and skills stay sharp long after they’ve passed their examinations.

Feature 2

In-Person Classes

While we offer online classes, our in-person classes offer an opportunity for Q&A with real-life scenario driven discussions and higher than average first-time pass rates.

Feature 3


With an open class offering across a variety of locations, you’re sure to find a class to suit your schedule. If not, we’re happy to travel to your location for a private class.

Feature 4

Manage Your Team & Certifications

Keeping track of all the certifications for your team can be a daunting challenge, but Katkin is here to help. All Katkin training, whether completed online, in-person or through private instruction, is kept on file.

Feature 5

Certified ServSafe®

Katkin instructors meet all requirements for ServSafe® certification (among others), and we offer lessons taught in English, Spanish and Chinese to help participants learn best in their preferred language.

Feature 6


Certification is only the beginning of what a Katkin education delivers. Our instructors actively engage participants throughout the duration of each class with interactive demonstrations and opportunities to ask questions and get answers.

Can’t find the course you’re looking for?

Katkin offers additional food and beverage safety courses. Please contact us today for additional information.

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Katkin offers additional food and beverage safety courses.